To find a free parking place has become a common problem not only at large underground car parks but also outside in large parking lots of shopping centres.

Many drivers spend a lot of time circling around, trying to find a free parking place. The number of these places is usually shown on the information board at the entrance to the car park.

The time-consuming search for a free parking place causes nervousness in drivers, increases the risk and probability of accidents, too. Drivers put pedestrians at risk and they feel uncomfortable and in danger. Another aspect of a long search for a free parking place contributes to higher fuel consumption and thus to higher levels of exhaust fumes in a closed space. Such a state increases the demands for higher performance of ventilation systems and this leads to increased operating costs of the car park.

ALAM Ltd. brings its customers convenient solutions for finding a free parking place, the modern navigation parking system PARKHELP from a Spanish producer E2S-PARKHELP. PARKHELP is a reliable solution operating more than 155 000 parking places in more than 40 countries of the world.

If a customer is in need of a parking place, the system automatically directs the vehicle to the nearest free place, using information panels. PARKHELP optimalizes the occupancy of free parking places and minimalizes the time invested in searching for a free parking place.

PARKHELP uses many information panels, sensors and pilot lights, readers and management software.