Parking system CROSSPARK is fully recommended for all the places which require absolute control over vehicle parking in a designated area, providing thorough information about the obligatory parking payments.

Thanks to its variability, it is possible to use CROSSPARK in small car parks as well as large complex parking buildings.


  • One system for small applications and large installations
  • Reliable and maintenance-friendly components
  • Adaptable and simple system configuration
  • Open character of the software enables easy integration into superior systems
  • Easy implementation of local language mutations
  • Quick and accessible service with the possibility of remote control
  • Possibility of graphic adjustments according to the client´s requirements


  • Open character of bar code or magnetic strip
  • Residential and discount system
  • Accounting and statistical functions adjustable to local tax regulations
  • Information about capacity
  • Complete record of all events
  • Continuous diagnostics of the system
  • Safety measures to protect the system from abuse
  • Flexible software with a simple operation
  • Multi-level safety measures


  • Simple, reliable also in extreme load
  • Arm installation on both sides (left and right) possible
  • Proven electromechanical principle
  • Maximum arm length is 4,5 m
  • Variants :folding arm for a low entry profile, LED light signalization, operation via serial line RS


  • Barrier operation
  • Dispenser of parking tickets with a bar code/magnetic strip
  • Ticket capacity – a box for 5000 pcs
  • Easy-to-read informational 2-line LCD screen
  • Optional contactless reader of residential cards
  • Intercom


  • Barrier operation
  • Reader/validator of parking tickets with a bar code/magnetic strip
  • Large-capacity box for used parking tickets
  • Easy-to-read informational 2-line LCD screen
  • optional contactless card reader
  • Intercom