Traffic light controller RS 4S


Public transport preference


Inductive loop detectors

Road traffic control

Road traffic control in towns and cities brings many issues:
  • Road traffic safety

  • Regular flow of traffic

  • Traffic jam-free road communications

  • public transport preference

  • Emergency vehicles preference

  • Spatial restrictions

  • Lack of financial resources available

We offer systems made by CROSS ZLÍN that help to increase the smooth traffic flow on the road communications without any need for adding new lanes.

Our solutions are innovative, reliable, with a long life cycle, but mainly at reasonable prices.

ALAM employs experts who have been dealing with traffic control for more than 25 years and they have been with us since the beginning in 2002. We have experience and mainly innovative solutions that have helped in solving the complicated parts of traffic control using dynamic systems in almost every bigger town in Slovakia.

ALAM uses the latest know-how for implementing intelligent urban traffic control and this way we provide the best solutions to optimalise road traffic in cities.

Decentralized philosophy of CROSS controllers enables to implement adaptive and dynamic traffic control even in small cities with tight budgets.

We offer:

Traffic light controller CROSS RS 4 for modern city intersections

Traffic light controller  CSS CROSS RS 4P for pedestrian crossings