Parking Violation system

Cross Pavis is a system for detection of illegal parking. It is used for simple and effective monitoring of parked cars in selected, precisely defined zones. It can effectively monitor areas of forbidden stopping or parking, or areas with a limited parking time.

CROSS Pavis system generates a list of offences with a time stamp, car number plate and photo documentation. It all runs on-line and all offences are sent to a central server for storage to be available immediately in case of legal proceedings including the possibility of automatic generation of offences. Thanks to the web client, PAVIS can be also set up to with any web device and used for immediate enforcement.

Free passage for all city roads users

How does it work?

CROSS Pavis is a system that scans the streets and their pre-defined areas for parking offences. The movement of all vehicles is monitored and evaluated. If a vehicle is found to be stopped or parking in a restricted place, a ticket is issued. The offence document is a set of proof materials, including the picture of the offending vehicle with an automatically recognized number plate.

Typical situations for using Cross Pavis
  • parking on places with forbidden stopping or parking
  • parking on pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, bus stops, etc.
  • unauthorized parking in restricted zones
  • exceeding the parking time limit
CROSS Pavis is a solution for:
  • roads free for passage of vehicles
  • increased safety in the streets
  • conditions for easier provision of public services – public transportation, taxi, garbage collecting, problem-free moving for ambulance, etc.
  • protection of private and reserved parking lots
  • better availability of parking places in complicated locations (e.g. time-limited parking in city centres)
Basic functions of the system
  • Automatic generation of offences

  • Detailed and conclusive documentation of offences (offence report and photos)

  • Setting of time limits

  • Possibility to define the so-called white list

  • Customizable output format (open data format)

  • Full functionality even in case of data connectivity outage

References for CROSS PAVIS system in Izmir, Turkey


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Installation of CROSS Pavis system is a part of one of the greatest European ITS projects implemented in the Turkish city called Izmir (population of 4.5 million people). Currently, the system operates mainly in the central part of the city at 34 stations out of 116 altogether and it monitors 10 areas.

At present, CROSS Pavis recognizes 200,000 vehicles daily and on busy days it generates more than 2000 offences.

The system monitors parking or stopping 24/7. The special requirement of the client was the monitoring of parking or stopping on pedestrian crossings, parking on sidewalks, places reserved for taxi, next to hydrants or at bus stops. In addition to this, CROSS Pavis was added a function for monitoring and detection of prohibited parking and stopping in lanes.