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To find a free parking place has become a common problem not only at large underground car parks, but also outside in large parking lots of shopping centres.

Many drivers spend a lot of time circling around, trying to find a free parking place. The number of these places is usually shown on the information board at the entrance to the car park.

The time-consuming search for a free parking place causes nervousness in drivers, increases the risk and probability of accidents, too. Drivers put pedestrians at risk and they feel uncomfortable and in danger.

Another aspect of a long search for a free parking place contributes to higher fuel consumption and thus to higher levels of exhaust fumes in a closed space. Such a state increases the demands for higher performance of ventilation systems and this leads to increased operating costs of the car park.

Alam Ltd. brings you convenient solutions to find a free parking place along with modern navigation parking systems.

If clients search for free parking places, systems automatically lead them using the information panels.

This way they:
  • Optimalize occupancy of free parking places

  • Minimalize the time invested in searching for a free parking lot

  • Contribute to decreased fuel consumption

  • Contribute to decreased levels of exhaust fumes

  • Save ventilation system costs

  • Assist in improving lighting and decreasing its costs by implementing economical light fixtures directly within the navigation parking system

Alam Ltd. offers convenient solutions to find a free parking place from a world leader in this field:

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