Attendance control system

Attendance control system is a solution that replaces the process of keeping the record of staff attendance manually and enables to process it automatically.

Attendance systems can be equipped with various accessories to identify staff and they differ in:

  • the way of identification
  • accuracy of identification (% proportion of incorrect identifications from all the identifications performed)
  • speed of identification (number of people able to pass the control point depends on it)
  • resistance to misuse
  • price.

Alam offers its clients solutions according to their needs and attendance control systems are available:

  • with LCD touch screen display
  • integrated reader of contactless cards
  • fingerprint reader

Attendance control system is mainly to:

  • reduce the occurrence of errors in processing data
  • simplify the processing of staff attendance for HR department
  • provide clear information about staff attendance for company management

Benefits of attendance control system:

  • cost-effective way that allows employers to pay for hours their staff is entitled to
  • detailed and updated summary of staff attendance
  • boosted staff morale
  • detection of troublesome staff and achievement of higher working efficiency
  • staff is prevented from late arrivals, earlier departures, working overtime if not requested, or prolongation of breaks