CROSS WIM is a weigh-in-motion system that enables to measure in a wide range of speeds and conduct a vehicle weight in a number of lanes as required.

CROSS WIM is an open and modular system that can function as OEM in a superior system.


  • Measurement of vehicle weight starting from a low speed / 3 km/h/ up to a high speed /250 km/h/ at a different sensor configuration, including the extended version
  • Vehicle detection for up to 6 lanes in one direction for moving cars, including changing lanes, correct detection and measurement of vehicle weight in-between the lanes and at all non-standard movements /between sensors, partly through sensors or changing the lanes/
  • Load measurement of individual wheels and dual wheels on each side of the axle which enables the vehicle detection with irregular load
  • Axle weight and the total vehicle weight are shown locally or remotely with deviation of 10 kg
  • Open and fully modular system – each lane has its own unit for processing the sensor data
  • OEM version available to ensure integration into superior systems, compatible with a wide range of LPR camera systems and the system enables to connect also other devices such as camera systems for emergency stopping lanes, to handle variable traffic signs to show number plates of overloaded vehicles.
  • High reliability in hard weather conditions
  • High validity including reliability of the data measured
  • Detection of vehicle manoeuvre in the place of measuring


  • One system for speed from 3 km/h up to 250 km/h
  • High exactness of measuring vehicles during drive
  • Unique parameters „validity of measuring“ a „detection of manoeuvre“
  • Adjustable vehicle categorization


  • Easy-to-understand graphic symbols to identify the vehicle category or overloaded vehicles
  • On-line and off-line access to data
  • History available to enable a search for repeatedly overloaded vehicles
  • Statistic evaluation of traffic data
  • Wide adaptability, including adjustable filters
  • Remote control and maintenance
  • Data export to common formats /MS Excel/
  • Database of frequent offences
  • Remote and on-the-spot access
  • Multilingual software – quick and easy language localisation
  • Possibility to give access to more users